Psychological and Psychoeducational Evaluation

Dr. Mayville’s evaluations are designed to precisely identify a student’s strengths and needs profile. Psychological evaluations address whether or not a student meets criteria for a clinical diagnosis (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, etc.).  A psychoeducational evaluation can also address diagnosis, in addition to how a student’s psychological and academic profiles influence their educational needs. An observation of the student at school is standard in a psychoeducational evaluation. Both evaluations offer detailed educational/treatment recommendations; the psychoeducational evaluation tends to offer more detail within the context of the student’s current educational program. Assessment may be completed in any or all of the following areas as determined by the referral question(s):

  • Cognitive functioning
  • Academic achievement
  • Adaptive behavior
  • Social and Play Skills
  • Clinical symptomatology (e.g., autistic behavior, attentional difficulties)
  • Problem behavior (e.g., physical aggression, self-injurious behavior

Review of the evaluation is typically scheduled after parents and caregivers have read through the final report. Participation in Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meetings usually occurs by phone and is billed as a separate service. All meetings must be scheduled in advance.

Additional services can be incorporated as needed following consultation with parents and or educational administrators. These include observations of a student at home and detailed review of applied behavior analysis educational information (e.g., program books) for an additional charge.