Educational Program Evaluation

The educational program evaluation is a review of a student’s existing program relative to their identified needs. An observation of the student at school is standard, as is a review of educational documentation. Other services can be added upon request (standardized testing, observation of a second educational setting) for an additional fee. Frequent referral questions include the following:

  • Is the student’s current educational placement appropriate?
  • Are the educational strategies effective?
  • Does the student require more or less intensive services?
  • Is the student ready for or benefitting from a regular education setting?

A written report is provided that includes recommendations. Issues commonly addressed include indicated educational interventions, personnel, and resources.

Review of the evaluation is typically scheduled after parents and caregivers have read through the final report. Participation in Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meetings usually occurs by phone and is billed as a separate service. All meetings must be scheduled in advance.