Assessment Process

Dr. Mayville begins the evaluation process by reviewing relevant documents (e.g., psychological evaluations, Individualized Education Plans) to determine the most efficient and meaningful assessment strategy. The evaluation process takes a minimum of several hours and can occur over the course of a single day or over several different days, depending on the age of the individual, his or her ability to participate in the testing process, and the type of testing deemed appropriate.

If indicated, he may conduct an observation of the individual’s school and/or home environment(s).

Information for office visits:

In order to make the evaluations a positive experience for your child our office has some information to help prepare families for the evaluation process.

Evaluations generally last between 1 and 3 sessions. Parents should prepare to remain in the office throughout the evaluation. Please bring a snack for your child in anticipation of this length of time. Your child will be allowed breaks throughout the evaluation for snack and preferred activities. We recommend that parents bring their child’s favorite items (e.g. toys, electronics, food, etc.) to encourage participation in the testing process.

Billing procedures for private pay clients:

Families that are funding the evaluation privately are required to pay 50% of the evaluation cost at their first office visit.

Once the report is complete you will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance which will include:

…..• The remaining 50% of the evaluation cost
…..• School observation hours, travel, and mileage

Dr. Mayville will release the report once full payment has been received.

Evaluation Report Information:

In most cases we anticipate that reports will be completed within 2 weeks of the last evaluation date. Once the report is completed, Dr. Mayville can discuss the results of the report during a 45 minute phone meeting. Additionally, Dr. Mayville may present the report via phone at a school Planning and Placement Team meeting (this service is billed separately from the evaluation service).In addition to providing a specific clinical profile, the report contains recommendations that can be used to drive the formulation of an appropriate Individualized Education Plan, including:

…..• Most appropriate educational environment
…..• Instructional methodologies
…..• Appropriate educational professionals
…..• Recommendations for educational goals and objectives
…..• Recommendations for monitoring a student’s progress

Effective intervention starts with an appropriate evaluation of functioning and learning needs. It is our goal at IEP to provide high quality, highly individualized evaluations for those with learning and developmental differences and disabilities. We hope to serve as another valuable resource in for helping families meet the unique needs of their children. Please contact us for more information or any questions you may have about our assessment process.